Duck Down

I’ve put a couple more songs on Bandcamp today — You Belong, Mouse

Both songs have the “Be My Baby” drumbeat in them (I first noticed this lovely rhythm in The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey”).

The “You Belong, Mouse” title is cuz part of the song goes (something like) “you belong miles from anywhere” (“miles” could be “mouse”) I just gave the song a name today, it was previously called “suede” using the name the file after the first band that you can think of method. It has bass and guitar, and instead of mouse clicking I actually played the midi keyboard to input notes. I’m getting into this playing of instruments lark. I realised after I’d begun that it sounds a bit like the Slowdive song When The Sun Hits.

"Boulevard" comes from me trying to play bass along to Phil Spector type songs. It sounds like a slowed down Monster Mash. It’s all recorded (except the MIDI percussion) bass, guitar, voice which I’m not used to doing so it’s sounds strange and messy. I recorded some of the bass by holding the mic behind its body, there’s a bit where you can hear my mother asking “are you nearly finished?”, which I left in, it’s looped so shows up a few times. Title cos I was thinking of Sunset Boulevard for some reason (a film I haven’t seen.)

Also am uploading them to my audioboo.

I have been making more songs; here are 4 I put on Bandcamp as a sort of EP, as they feel related.
I like these songs so much. They’re kinda scrappy, I’ve realised I like lo-fi sounds and that the lo-fi ness is not only cos of my lack of skillz. There were times that things became too shiny sounding which I did not like, and undid.

I’ve had the songs hanging around for a while, growing slowly like little plants. They have many vocal layers, sometimes I think the sound of my voice is the main thing going for my making of music. I’ve managed to come up with some album art too. I’m still using the same set up, just my voice and Logic MIDI instruments and am not even using the computer keyboard to input MIDI notes, I’m just using mouse clicks. I’m rubbish at playing instruments, some mental block situation I’ve not figured out yet.

"Falling In Line" is the first track, it has bell sounds (I like resonant metallic sounds) and the lyrics consist of "falling in line again" and oohs and aahs with punchy overamplified drum sounds underneath. It sounds somewhat like the way I’ve been feeling over the Winter period. I called it "falling in line" cos at the time I thought it sounded as though I was singing "falling in love again", which — just no.

"Remains" is the oldest song, a little bit shoegazy, I had stuff like this Demontré - Lorenheim in my head at the time and was listening to things that had that large hazy sound going on. It has an actual instrument on it (bass guitar) tho it’s not very obvious. The title is cos it was taken from part of anther song I had been messing with — the remainder of another thing.

"Lush (Ordinary Day)" is prob. the catchiest one, lots of layers of voice. Me trying to sing the chorus as tho I were Amy Winehouse kept causing microphone clipping cos I’m still using the Blue snowflake mic . The title is from my time of naming files by the first band that came into my head.

"Sherbet" is the short one at the end, also the most recently made; feels a bit similar to the opening song. Yes it is supposed to sound as tho I’m half asleep here. The title is cos I was trying to make a song that was kind of bubblegummy/lethargic and I had been reading about sherbet on Wikipedia. I’m not sure that the song is bubblegummy tho.

Bandcamp asks you to put in lyrics, but I still haven’t decided what they are or whether to make up words as an approximation of the sounds/put in all the variations of things I was singing/don’t put down any lyrics.

The songs are also on audioboo, here

I feel there have been many typos.

Yes, another song. I began this a few weeks ago and thought add more bits to it, but I don’t think more bits were required.

I had been messing with this 8/16 bit tracker thing Milkytracker in an attempt to make some kinda tune, but I find it challenging to make anything decent with it so, I didn’t/haven’t yet. The song has a video game feel to it. Somewhat.

I see this post isn’t going anywhere, so I’ll stop now.

link to song page

Another song. I am still learning the ways of Logic Pro 7 and other music related stuff.
Of those that I’ve made, this song is one of my favourites so far. I haven’t made anything that is kinda danc-y before, I don’t think.

The title “X It Down” is cos most of the song I was singing … it down; I can’t really remember what (“Burn it down, tear it down, let me down, hand me down” that kind of thing), I was making it up as I went along. And also in the chorus the words alternated between things like
“Don’t sit how you would”, “dancing hollywood” etc.
but I think the second line is definitely
“You’re going on, you’ve got a goat on”, tho it sounds at time like “you’ve got it going on”.

I suppose the reason I’m going on about the words is that I feel somewhat as though I’m not doing things in a legitimate fashion, just making things up. I have tried coming up with lyrics pre song and hasn’t worked so far.

As an aside, it”s the first time ever really noticed the effects of mp3 compression.

And I have to point out this song that I heard a few days ago for the first time. Kap Bambino - New Breath

Anyway, I am now returning to hibernation.

Link to audioboo page is here

This week I have been noodling with Logic Pro 7 again, and made another song while trying to figure out how the software functions, and trying to use it with some competence. I’m not sure how I’m doing. Vacillating between “Ooh I’m getting the hang of this” and “Can you imagine what a producer would think — the horror”.

And as often, there aren’t any words in the song, though in singing sounds over and again words begin to emerge, “November Dancehall” (the song’s name) is a phrase that could be in the lyrics, were there any.

It’s guitarless, cos I can’t be arsed to play guitars, too much effort. I use the computer keyboard MIDI input thing to “play” notes, either that or I add/move notes using the mouse. I have a MIDI keyboard, but I can’t be arsed to use that, are you sensing the emerging theme?

The image below is of this Caps Lock activated, onscreen MIDI controller thing. You can also see that the working title of my song was “Ner ner ner” — I’m not good with naming things.

I’ve other songs at, I seem to be building a list of music stuffs I made.

This is me pretending to sing like Elizabeth Fraser (when in Cocteau Twins) singing Orange Appled in this video here..

I still have the throat that is a little sore. I was trying to make sounds that sounded like what she was singing, but ended up just making up sounds to sing. I’ve only sung like 45 seconds tho.

It seems I am trying to portray myself as a ridiculous person on this blog. (Ridicule is nothing to be scared of eh?)

A song I made up today, voice and synths, no guitars this time. It even has (very limited) percussion sounds.

Here is an image I made for it, that has nothing to do with the song, (besides the fact that I made the image for the song) But anyways.

I was trying to rearrange another song when I came up with this one. The vocals are awkward, I’ve got kindof a sore throat. The song ends just as you think it’s getting going, but that’s cos I got tired and I wanted to finish it and get it over with.

Sometimes it’s nice to put a song away to incubate, but this time I wanted just to make a thing, even a “not great but an improvement on whatcha could have done a few months ago” thing, and be done with it, “Goodbye”.

A cover, a whole song this time. Recorded with a microphone “live” as it were ( I mean not multitracked asynchronously). I’m singing and playing bass — at the same time. I’ve been trying to get the hang of it.

The song is “Eisley Vs The Mountain” by Mos Eisley, (to which I can’t find a link so’s you can hear the original.) I could upload it but I shan’t; being cautious.

It’s been normalised and I snipped a few seconds off the start (from before playing began); apart from that I’ve not altered it. Not all the words are correct. I doubt I’ll get the “quality”* of the bass playing will match the singing anytime soon/ever.

*I put the word quality in inverted commas cos I’m kinda one of those “everything’s subjective/relative/specific” types, them wot most people seem to loathe.

I tried to make a song about something cute, I don’t usually write songs *about* things. This is supposed to be about the idea of a sleepy cat. I had a vague tune some weeks ago.

I gave up halfway, cuz I assembled this “song” with Logic 7, struggled. Didn’t play the bass well and now can’t re-record it cos my guitar to line-in thing not work now (time for a soundcard I think). Had enuff. But I still like what is there. Kinda.

A song idea. Rilly a rough sketch. Verse and chorus. I like to keep it short.

When I make stuff up it doesn’t come with words, just sounds. The verse bit sounded a bit like I was singing “Exciting, it’s not exciting” or I suppose it could be “Society in I, I sigh” Iz just sounds; sounds excerpted from english talking maybe, that’s why you can “put” words to it.

I’d like to make songs “properly” but feel so exhausted.

Using MacBook internal speakers and mic.
Record singing, playback singing and sing along - record that.
Do this again, then again.

This is what I did.
This is why is v noisy.
Is only, like, 18 seconds.
Prob. sounds best through internal speakers too. (I dunno my external speakers’ tweeters died.)

That song, Four Tops.

Another song.

Guitar was recorded by holding my mobile behind the guitar and recording on “high” quality.
Bass was recored by holding Blue Snowflake mic behind bass’s back.

Prob time to get soundcard. This set up is getting annoyingly limiting.

I now have a bass guitar.
Resonance of the low notes feels lovely.

A verse and a chorus Lo-fi (or craply done — whatevs) cover of S Club Party. Been obsessed with this song today.

Another song, this one has guitar. Hmmm.