Duck Down

(4 min 54 long) Clip from last night’s Huw Stephens Show on Radio 1.

Austin from Swim Deep talks about the Birmingham scene. Mentions Peace, Troumaca, and the National Sea Life Centre (not a band).

Austin : “I think there was just like a whole generation of us just going out and getting wasted, but just like “this is boring, let’s do something else”. And cuz there’s so many of us all together doing it then I think obviously there’s a scene that’s collected; and it is a genuine scene because we are all buddies. It’s pretty cool…”

Sez they’re on tour with Pond; talks about writing a song about Jenny Lee Lindberg from Warpaint.

Podcast with that interview and session tracks is available to download for a month (I think) on this page, tho probably not till later today (it’s 02:10 as I write this.) And show on iPlayer for a week.


As a disclaimer, I don’t know much about these bands at all, and I’m not really following their exploits. I wonder why I post about this.