Duck Down

Words from a David Byrne (and Brian Eno) Interview; they are talking about their collaboration on Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

(at about 4 min 45) on writing lyrics to Eno’s vocalless songs.

Byrne : “I’ll scat sing a melody over Brian’s instrumental tracks and if it seems like it’s a good melody, I’ll then try and come up with words that match the meter and phrasing and the implied feeling or whatever of that melody. And sometimes the only way to do that it to just, I find, is to come up with anything that fits, anything at all.”

(at 3 min 07) on playing a MIDI bit on one of the songs

Eno : “Well I played it, and then fixed it up basically. That’s what I normally do, i play a movement, a feeling and the notes are of course all wrong, so then I just go through the MIDI file getting the notes right. So I’ve got the rhythmic feel I want.”


I haven’t yet listened to the album yet though.