Duck Down

I spent most of yesterday playing my guitar and bass, in the making up of songs (I’m not very good at playing guitars, but I enjoy it). I have at last acquired an adapter thing, so I can plug the guitar into the line-in audio thing on my Mac.

I spent far too many hours doing this playing of the guitar; now am tired. Hours after I put the guitars down, I’m still thinking of songs, and trying to move bits around, add bits, change this or that section etc. I can’t relax or rest.

I have a habit of turing a very fun thing into a horrible chore and pain. There’s this compulsion to continue, that something awful will happen if I stop. This usually leads to me becoming ill. I can’t say “OK enough, finished for now”. Running away from a thing only to find you’ve run headlong into it. Cos it’s not out there at all, really, so attempting to flee is kinda silly.



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